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2023 in telling stories on climate + environment

I entered 2023 determined to tell one climate story a month. Some months I produced nothing, other months I produced more than one. Some months, I could only storify from our podcasts and videos. During other months, I did the full length, researching, interviewing, writing and editing. There were months when I put on the editor's hat and collaborated with a writer.

I was only able to produce one long form story this year, but I was also able to produce an award-winning climate strategy for the newsroom. Both are proud moments for me.

I enjoyed my role as a member of the audience during COP28, reading stories by experts from across the screen. I figured this year's COP required an elite level of climate journalism than most COPs and I haven't even done most COPs, so there's an intention for next year.

It was an honor to talk climate with Myrza Sison on her podcast and Nikki Porter on RX 93.1, as being able to speak in an OCJN session on my birthday month and the climate journalism webinar of the European Broadcasting Union.

Below are some of the most noteworthy climate stories of 2023 I had a hand in.

(*means I was only an editor)










In 2024, I plan to continue telling climate stories consistently. I'm keeping my cadence to once a month, if only to have a baseline.

I want to work with more climate +environment writers. I hope to get published internationally, too. I'm hopeful we will get that years-old Pasig River story published sometime in 2024.

In the meantime, I already have two long reads lined up for Q1, so help me God.

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