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Short and Snackable: Samples of stories produced on the daily

Sainsbury Centre's curator of art and climate change on museums, colonization, capitalism, public transportation, art and museums, and climate change. GMA News Online, February 2023

A story on John Kenneth Paranada, a Filipino curator appointed by the 1st UK museum with such a role. GMA News Online, January 2023

A story on a non-profit working with an LGU, and an incubator lab to test the refill model as a solution to the plastic problem. GMA News Online, January 2023 

An article on plastic pollution in the Philippines, GMA News Online, August 2022

An article relating the most recent bike count in the Philippines to daily fuel cost savings, carbon emissions, and climate change, GMA News Online, October 2022

A story on the plastic pollution problem and consumerism, GMA News Online, September 2017 

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