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Short and Snackable: Samples of stories produced on the daily

An art story that intersects with health, urban development, and transport. October, 2023

Reporting on solar energy by way of consumer/lifestyle. GMA News Online, May 2023 

A story about an artist tracing the connection of art, climate change, colonalism, and consumption. GMA News Online, April 2023

A short reportage based on an episode of The Howie Severino podcast about the Mindoro Oil Spill. GMA News Online, April 2023

John Kenneth Paranada, Sainsbury Centre's curator of art and climate change on museums, colonization, capitalism, public transportation, art and museums, and climate change. GMA News Online, February 2023

A story on a non-profit working with an LGU, and an incubator lab to test the refill model as a solution to the plastic problem. GMA News Online, January 2023 

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