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We're through, Q2!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

If Q1 was eventful, Q2 was dramatic. Long endings, abrupt ones, sudden beginnings, transitions, discussions, walk-outs; I've had too many 12-hour work days and too many 6-day work weeks. In Q2, I saw a couple of hangovers and a number of friends.


  • Getting a scoop on microplastics and getting picked up even internationally. A major highlight this quarter that's also gunning for this year's and perhaps for my career, is being able to contribute and help in policymaking. The researchers I interviewed for the story got back to me to tell me that policymakers saw my story and that they have been in meetings with them to "do something about it." It was a validation I didn't know I needed.

  • Guesting on Myrza Sison's podcast for her Earth Day special! I need more practice on this but I'm happy I got to do this!

  • Finishing that hot pink 6A+ route on the big wall at my climbing gym! That's a half grade progress to my 6B goal.

  • Hanging out with Anne, Kitty and Katya for our homecoming project and then hanging out with Katya again for/on record store day


  • Publishing a story on solar energy and having it as one of our most read (energy/climate/science) stories that week!

  • Matching with this guy named Ray on Tinder, having an interesting enough conversation that he asked to move on WA, but failing to meet up! But ok, baby steps: At least we got to the whatsapp part.

  • Meeting with old Summit colleagues

  • Those two weekends babysitting Andres!

  • Getting into the IMS/Unesco training program

  • Publishing that long read on forests

  • Drama drama drama!


  • That overnight planning session for work.

  • That cute lunch with the judgers at Lagrima

  • Meeting up with James for dinner! I love him, I swear. He's the best.

  • Being invited to speak at OCJN. I swear, I really love that community.

  • Spending my birthday at ADB to acquaint myself with clean energy transition

  • Going out with the Lifestyle team to bid our boss farewell

Q3 is looking intense, but below are some hopes and wishes:

  • Publishing more climate reads

  • Finishing that children's book project, please!

  • Climbing a 6B route, please!

  • Doing good at the Jakarta leg of the IMS program so that I will win a seat at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Sweden!

  • After the Jakarta session, will I be able to squeeze in some time in Bali for R&R? I hope so.

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