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Sunday Morning Honest Thinking

Reykjavik Library, 2012

Ang dami ko pang gusto gawin.

Gusto ko talaga maranasan ang tumira sa ibang bansa. Sa Amsterdam, if I'm being naked-honest. Sa Paris, if I'm being romantic-honest. Sa lugar na hindi ko na kailangan mag-drive to get to the library, to a bar, to the museum, to work, to the coffee shop or bakery or grocery, to experience nature, or to my friends.

Minsan, I get it na why I'm still single. But often, I still find thinking, "sana ikasal ko." Tapos heto na: Ikasal sa gwapo at mabait, responsible and financially stable, sa funny at magaling magkwento — what I'm saying is sa masaya kasama. Sa may talino at really, someone who will have my best interest at heart. Keep me in his plans and in his shenanigans, ha ha.

I mean I love my life and I enjoy being single. Especially at this age where I have a little bit more money and a little bit more command of my time and of myself. But I am still somewhat convinced life will be more fun when shared with someone you like, and who likes to vibe the same way as you. Or ako lang ba ito?

Amsterdam 2012

While I'm being honest: Gusto ko rin sana manalo ng award. Ha ha, can I tell you? I submitted my work to a callout by the network for possible nominees to the Gandingan Awards, for next year I believe. Sana makakuha ako ang panalo. Well, sana isama muna nila yung akin sa mga isu-submit nila.

This is one of the last two things I think I need to do before I leave GMA: Manalo ng award and/or ma-promote.

Last three things pala: I need to usher in a successful newsletter strategy. We are working on this na.

Been here six years na kasi and while my work load has piled on, in terms of rank or position, there is no movement. Pakiramdam ko, at my age, mahihirapan na ko to find something else if walang advancement within the organization. Besides, should I quit without moving past where I am, I know that my next stop will still be here and frankly, I'm so over it.

I wanna travel to Vienna, Austria and to Porto in Portugal maybe to Prague again to regain it as my own. Sana matuloy yung hiking trip namin ni Anne to Bhutan or to Machu Pichu.

Promise sana magawa ko na rin ang 6b sa climbing please.

And sa totoo lang — sana ma-publish rin ako ng New York Times, no? I would love a New York Times byline. Modern Love/Tiny Love Stories, let's go!!

Ah, bakit late ko na naalala kung beach house project? Haha kasi now, alam ko na how much ang kakailanganin. *Sweaty-laughing face emoji* Pero sana matupad ko ito - kahit condo na lang tulad nung pinakita sa akin ni Paul sa Fuego.

Is it super suntok sa buwan yung lagi kong sinasabi? To be able to buy a plot of land and reforest it? I really wanna be able to help mama nature beyond what I'm doing now. Like right now, my climate action is limited to words, which is cool. But I wanna be able to get on actual action.

Copenhagen, 2012

Yesterday, I saw a property for sale on JP Rizal in Makati fronting the river and I wondered if I could afford that. It's small and it's already surrounded by buildings on its sides and in the back but I wonder if building a park there is possible.

Plant a tree, grow a garden (an edible garden?), put a small little library there, some benches, get a manong taho or a pickup coffee pero zero-waste dapat. As in: People will need to bring their cups or tumblers there. Will that generate enough income kaya? Will that be attractive enough for the (local) government to support? Will that bring the environment closer to more people's consciousness?

I wonder if this will move the (a?) needle in terms of the climate crisis. How successful should I be to get this project moving. Hala may naisip na naman si Albano. I hope this idea doesn't get trapped between my ears lang.

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