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On Greenwashing (a simplistic look)

Mt. Purro Nature Reserve, March 2023

On Instagram Stories a few months ago, I wrote about greenwashing that surprisingly resonated with some of my friends there.

I used relationship as a metaphor/context: Greenwashing is being proud of having just apologized for cheating on your significant other but not having the intent of correcting that behavior.

Shouldn't there be no cheating in the first place?

Ok, so maybe it happened in a moment’s weakness, maybe you didn’t know how to handle the situation. Shouldn’t the correct response be to say sorry and correct the behavior? Never again kind of a thing?

I wonder if apologizing is something to be proud of — you know, like having won a prize or accomplishing a goal, something you write a press release for. In my mind, apologizing means you did wrong and that you want to be better. You don't broadcast it. It's inner work, isn't it? Or am I wrong?

I know this is a too simplistic explanation for a practice that’s already causing us so much (additional) problems, but I don't know. Judging from my friends' reactions, it felt to me that it provided them some clarity about greenwashing.

(Then I worry some more because even if a lot of people know cheating is wrong, it remains true for a lot of couples)


Anyway, Happy Earth Day to you! Sounds cheesy and gross but perhaps it's time to consider asking Planet Earth kindly to guide us in this life?

I love you, Mother Earth, and I'm so sorry for what's happened. I'm trying trying trying my best. Please guide me moving forward. <3

Mt. Purro Nature Reserve. March 2023

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