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No Sob Stories This Time

Hey Dad,

- Remember when you thought I was a burglar and came down with Paul's old fake rifle from his CAT days, ready to pounce, only to find a wasted old me in the den? If I can be honest, I even hid in the bathroom, desperately trying not to be found in that dire state of inebriation. That turned out to be another funny story we tell ourselves over dinner.

- Remember our first time in Hong Kong, when we packed a maleta full of bottled water and as our tour guide picked the smallest luggage, presumably in the hopes of taking the easiest way out of a job, he mumbled surprised, 'this is the smallest but the heaviest.'

How about that time you angrily stomped on a Frenchman's foot because he was walking so slowly and we were late and rushing to haha hear mass?

Meanwhile, your kids can't forget our first time in Singapore when every time we see buildings, you would ask our tour guide: "Are these government houses, Jimmy?"

- Since seeing you wear that Mickey-eared headwear in Disneyworld as you explained how it can keep you warm, I have been wearing hats and caps to battle the cold. I haven't tried verifying what you said so maybe it's your memory that's keeping me warm? Thank you for that.

- Speaking of Disney, your kids won't soon forget how you held your chest and repeatedly exclaimed "yung puso ko! yung puso ko!" as we rushed to catch the last bus after waiting for the fireworks display at Epcot. Epic, Al.

- You were no longer with us but I'm sure you were shaking your head as you witnessed me throwing up by your grave on your second death anniversary. I am so sorry but also haha I know! Someone gave me top shelf vodka and I just had to give it a go. To be fair, that was when I realized why you loved sukiyaki so much. Immediately after visiting you, I went to work for the food book I was editing. We shot your favorite Sugi and they served sukiyaki, and there I experienced its magic. My hangover was gone!

It's been 13 years since you left.

There are still sad and wistful moments, sure, but these days, we mostly think of you and smile (and/or laugh because you were the best!). Thank you for being such a wonderful father. We miss you.

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